EcoTools is a leader in eco-conscious beauty products, most notably known for its incredibly soft beauty brushes. EcoTools is inspired by helping people look their best though products that also help the environment stay its best.

Today, it is known that both the environment and humans can thrive on organic products. For example, ecological product development and material sourcing can spare water, increasing biodiversity, reducing the spread of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and maintaining a better health balance for humans and also animals. This balance is critical to EcoTools philosophically. It is also the inspiration behind product development taking it from theory and making it into a product attributes that resonate with consumers.

Letfaceit launched EcoTools in Scandinavia in 2014 and is its exclusive distributor in the region. Letsfaceit handles all marketing activities and distribution in a wide array of retail outlets including pharmacy chains, large grocery chains (Konsum, ICA), and beauty specialists. Letsfaceit is also pursuing wider distribution for EcoTools in other EU countries.

All material from EcoTools is recyclable through new innovations. The brush handles are made ​ of bamboo, which has a very low impact on the earth’s resources as it is a “sustainable” growth. The brushes are made up of synthetic Taklon and are not animal tested. The metal handles are recyclable aluminum, the sponge bag is made ​​of cotton and hemp and the outer packaging is reusable and recyclable.

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